A listing of alternative software that aren’t affiliated with Popcorn Time by name or otherwise but more or less perform the same tasks.


Stremio is an impressive looking desktop app that plays a variety of video content from different sources, and was actually developed before Popcorn Time under the name Cinematic.

Where Popcorn Time is tailored to serving movies and TV-shows via torrents, Stremio is a media Swiss army knife that in addition to movies and TV-shows also plays live TV streams and files on your harddrive.

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Show Box

Show Box is an Popcorn Time alternative exclusively for Android. The app is totally free but can’t be found through Google Play Store due to its controversial nature so you have install it manually.

show box movie box popcorn time alternatives

Show Box and Movie Box are decent Popcorn Time alternatives for either iOS or Android.

Out of the box Android doesn’t support installation of apps outside Google Play Store so you have to enable installation of apps from unknown developers in the security section of the settings. You’ll find the installation file (*.apk)  if you follow the link to the Show Box website.

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Movie Box

Movie Box is an iOS (iPhone and iPad) Popcorn Time alternative that looks and feels like Show Box. Just like you won’t find ShowBox in Google Play Store, Movie Box isn’t in Apple Store either which is of course because of copyright infringement issues.

Lucky for iPad and iPhone users the programmers are constantly working around iOS security (usually) allowing the app to be installed without jailbreaking the device (maybe, if not go here for a guide).

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PlayBox is a cross-platform Popcorn Time alternative that works for both Android and iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) and has built in Chromecast support. It can be installed in iOS without jailbreak but users unfortunately report that the app is very unstable.

PlayBox works in another way than Popcorn Time as it doesn’t rely on torrent downloads but streams the content from sites such as Youtube etc.

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Porn Time

The name says it all; it’s just like Popcorn Time but for porn.

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Discontinued or currently not working Popcorn Time alternatives

These Popcorn Time alternatives have been discontinued so sadly they don’t work anymore.


Despite the name, Flixtor works in the exact same way as Popcorn Time and is thus basically an identical application.

Discontinued Popcorn Time Alternative Flixtor

In Flixtor you can search torrents and find less popular and non-english content.

It does, however, come with a couple of features that makes it more interesting such as the possibility to freely search and play torrents (the other versions only allow you to search indexed content). This makes Flixtor a great option for users looking for less popular movies and series as well as non-english content. You can also choose to use an external media player such as VLC if you desire.

So far, Flixtor comes as in a PC version for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and an app for Android.

Visit Flixtor The website is unfortunately not up at the moment but Flixtor is still available at GitHub.


Moviepanda is actually not based on Popcorn Time but has been developed independently on its own. It only shows movies which is too bad since it’s actually a great application.

Unlike Popcorn Time and Flixtor, Moviepanda also offers movies with high sound quality (the others usually only offer stereo) and promise 4k content as it becomes more available, making the choice of any movie-connoisseur.

Another great feature is its decentralized content scraper that effectively removes any reliance on servers. In reality Moviepanda cannot be shut down. Moviepanda can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux PCs.

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Nacho Time

Nacho Time was a Popcorn Time inspired website that didn’t use a program or app but played videos directly in the browser. The service had a very short lifespan and was quickly taken down by BREIN – A Dutch anti-piracy agency.

Popcorn Express

Popcorn Express is Popcorn Time directly in your browser. Requires the Torque plugin to work.

Popcorn Express is Popcorn Time directly in your browser. Requires the Torque plugin to work.

Popcorn Express plays movies and TV-show episodes directly in your browser but still works the same way as Popcorn Time and all the other clones. This feature requires a browser plugin/extension called Torque that works as a javascript bittorrent downloader. The plugin is available for Firefox and Chrome which makes it available to Windows, OSX (Mac), Linux and everything else that runs these browsers.

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Popcorninyourbrowser uses Webtorrent – A streaming torrent client that runs directly in the browser – to play movies (not TV-shows) without the need for a program or an app. Compared to Popcorn Time it’s quite crude and doesn’t support any of the fancy features such as Chromecast, DLNA or AirPlay but some users still might like not having to install anything to use it.

Popcorninyourbrowser has been taken down and gotten back up a few times so there’s a small chance it still works.

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