Stremio is an impressive looking desktop app that plays a variety of video content from different sources, and was actually developed before Popcorn Time under the name Cinematic. Where Popcorn Time is tailored to serving movies and TV-shows via torrents, Stremio is a media Swiss army knife that in addition to movies and TV-shows also plays live TV streams and files on your harddrive.

Stremio features

Developed as a video playing platform, Stremio is capable of serving several purposes depending on the plugins users install. There’s a plugin that basically turns Stremio in to Popcorn Time plus one that streams live TV from and another that lets you watch YouTube videos without the annoying ads.

The plugins are developed by third party developers and are thus not in affiliation with Stremio. This helps protect the project legally since they of course can’t be held responsible because someone has decided to create a plugin that enables playing copyright protected material.

Just like Popcorn Time, Stremio supports subtitles, Chromecast, Apple TV and DLNA, and also comes with a really nifty calendar that helps keep track of your favorite shows. It’s only comes as a PC version where it’s available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Stremio website



The Stremio user interface looks a lot like Popcorn Time.