The Butter Project was born in the turmoil that in the end broke up the team and was founded by some of the same people that made it truly big. So far it’s hard to say what the Butter Project will really be since it’s not up and running yet but it will probably be very much like Popcorn Time only with a few tweaks.

Butter Project features

The mission is to continue developing a service that lets everybody, even the least IT savvy, “stream” (really it’s sequential downloading) movies and TV-shows for free using the Bittorrent network. They will, however, do so in a “clean legal framework” (their own words) which means that out-of-the box the Butter Project won’t give the users access to copyright protected content and thus not the latest and most popular movies or shows.

The unconfirmed rumours are that this access will be provided by third party plugins that can be used with Butter Project and the purpose is, of course, that it will move liability from the developers to the users. The thought is, that this will help protect the project and the developers from takedowns and let them work in peace.

The Popcorn Time alternative Stremio already works like this and maybe that’s the answer why it is both rather unknown to users and is still up and running despite being older than even the original Popcorn Time fork.

The Butter Project will just like Popcorn Time support Chromecast, DLNA and AirPlay, and it will also be available as programs for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well as apps for Android and maybe sometime in the future also iOS.

Butter Project website

Visit the Butter Project at

butter project

Judging from screenshots of Butter it looks more or less like an exact copy of Popcorn Time.