The version was for a long time just another clone but was by endorsement from the original ( crowned as the official heir to the throne. It emerged as one of two major forks (the other being time4popcorn) after the original Popcorn Time project was closed and continued development adding loads of features and expanding to also include an Android app.

It has since then been shut down by the MPAA (see this post for more info) but their latest version can actually still be used after the recent “Hail Hydra” hotfix. The fork isn’t going to be revived but has been succeeded by the fork and the Butter project. features

The version features a fast and stable torrent downloader with menus for TV-shows, Movies and Anime, where most can be found in HD quality and with subtitles in numerous languages. There’s support for streaming to flatscreens with Chromecast, Apple TV (via AirPlay) and DLNA. was one of the best Popcorn Time forks fighting with time4popcorn for the top spot. Having two competing forks might be confusing for users but it’s definitely accelerated development considerably that each fork tried to get in front of the other.

The version of Popcorn Time can be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and as apps for Android and Android TV. Just like the original, was developed as open source so you can be certain that no virus, trojan or other nasty stuff has been hidden anywhere. website has been shut down and thus has no active website but you can visit the old website at the where you’ll also find download links to the most recent version (beta 3.8.5).

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