Popcorntime.sh is the successor to the old Official Popcorn Time fork, popcorntime.io that’s been dead since October 23rd, 2015. It’s both visually and with regards to most functions identical to the popcorntime.io fork but has been reworked and is now built on the Butter Project.

Popcorntime.sh features

Based on the popcorntime.io fork, the popcorntime.sh version is pretty much identical to it’s predecessor. You’ll find categories for movies, TV-shows, anime and indie, subtitles in loads of languages and support for playback with Chromecast, Apple TV and DLNA.

The only visible difference is removal of the built-in VPN; a measure most likely taken to distance the fork from any source of revenue and keeping it strictly ideological.

The project is being run by a group of people that used to be part of the popcorntime.io crew but since most of them have moved on to the Butter project the popcorntime.sh fork isn’t in active development but will only be maintained. This means you shouldn’t expect this version to get new features or major changes but only minor bug fixes etc.

However, since it’s based on Butter; a project in very active development, it will indirectly benefit from any improvements made there. Already being a full-featured piece of software, the lack of active development shouldn’t present a problem for the users.

The project is just like its ancestors developed as open source so you can take a closer look at the development at their GitHub page and in case of downtime etc. you check up on the current status of the system at http://status.popcorntime.sh/.

Popcorntime.sh is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and Android TV.

Popcorntime.sh website

Visit popcorntime.sh (or on reddit.com/r/PopCornTime)

popcorntime.sh popcorntime sh butter

Popcorntime.sh is the successor to the old official Popcorn Time fork from popcorntime.io. It’s not in active development and will thus just be maintained. It’s been reworked and is now based on the Butter Project platform meaning it will indirectly benefit from improvements made there.