There are two versions of Torrents Time: V1.0 and V2.0. They accomplish the same thing: Stream video from torrents directly from the browser but have been put out by competing developer groups.

V2.0 is an improvement to V1.0 as it can be used on any torrent site and is developed as open source. There have been security concerns regarding V1.0 and a response to those concerns from the developers.

Torrents Time V1.0


Torrents Time V1.0 is a powerful general purpose browser plugin capable of adding streaming features to any torrents site with just a few lines of code. It is the back bone of Popcorn Time Online and is also being employed at a number of other torrent sites.

The Torrents Time V1.0  plugin has been developed by the time4popcorn team and thus has many of the same features. It streams video with subtitles in most languages and supports playback with Chromecast, Apple TV (with AirPlay) and Smart TVs with DLNA. Another strong benefit of Torrents Time is the ability to play virtually any video format thrown at it.

To protect the privacy of its users, Torrents Time offers a built-in VPN client that can be utilized with a subscription to the excellent VPN service from Anonymous VPN.

Torrents Time can be used with Chrome, Windows Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Websites using Torrents Time V1.0

The Torrents Time flagship is time4popcorns own Popcorn Time Online but several other websites have implemented the functionality and offer torrent video streaming to their visitors. Some of these sites are:

  • Kickass Torrents
  • (Adult, online version of Porn Time)

Torrents Time V1.0 website

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Torrents Time V2.0

Torrents Time V2.0 has been developed by the fork of Popcorn Time CE and the biggest difference between the two is that V2.0 works on ANY torrent site. With Torrents Time V2.0 installed, you can go to your favourite torrent site and watch anything you want directly from the browser simply by clicking the torrent or magnet link. Another major advantage to V2.0 over V1.0 is that it’s open source, so you can be sure the developers haven’t slipped mal- or adware in to the installer.

Like V2.0 also supports subtitles and casting to TVs with Chromecast, Apple TV or DLNA. Furthermore, it also comes with a built-in virus scanner and can play the videos with VLC.

Torrents Time V2.0 website

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Torrents time streaming plugin

Turn your browser in to a fully functional torrent streaming client with Torrents Time.