Say hello to our brand new subreddit!

We just started our very own sub on reddit (/r/GetPopcornTime) and you’re more than welcome to join us. We hope it can act as a dynamic and open addition to the main website where it will be easy for users to chime in with comments, questions, hints, tips, tricks etc.

For those unfamiliar with reddit, it’s sort of a huge online forum with a gazillion sub-forums called subreddits that cover any topic for you can ever image plus a ton of stuff you didn’t know existed. Unlike the old-style discussion forums you might already be familiar with, reddit is a lot more open and informal, which makes it easy to participate and it’s a lot easier to sign up for.

All the kids are doing it these days, just like watching Popcorn Time, so we’re of course following suit and hope will too!

See you at: