Time4popcorn updates for desktop and Android versions.

It took the crew behind the time4popcorn almost a year to come out updates to their Popcorn Time fork but they’ve recently published fresh versions of both the desktop software and Android app.

The new desktop version is beta 5.5.1 and brings the following changes/improvements:

  • Subtitles delay added and ability to set time intervals
  • Added more subtitles sources
  • Search engine mechanism improvements
  • Movies handling procedure improved
  • Casting improvements for Chromecast, DLNA and AirPlay
  • UI optimization
  • A handful of bug fixes and stability improvements
New betas out for time4popcorn!

New betas out for time4popcorn!

And for the news Android app beta 2.7.8 the changelog looks like this:

  • Fixed stability issues on Android 7
  • External storage runtime permissions request for Android 6 and above
  • UI improvements
  • Torrent streaming speed improved
  • Bug fixes

So mostly “under the hood” improvements and it’s always great to get better, faster and less buggy software. Furthermore, it’s good to see that the developers are still at it. Thumbs up to the time4popcorn team for that.

The time4popcorn website states that the next betas will come with a surprise so we’re looking forward to see what that is!

Time4popcorn has gotten a lot of flac from the community regarding virus/malware but a thorough virus scan of the Windows installer comes out spotless so there should be no worries installing it.

You can get it here or see our page about time4popcorn where you’ll also find a download link.